Renting - Terms and Conditions

Renting - Terms and Conditions

Renting: Rental agreements in Romania are usually prepared by your real estate agent and are rarely notarized. Standard lease/rental it could be written in two languages - Romanian and English. Contracts are relatively short, but the terms may vary, so please read carefully before you sign. In Bucharest the rental terms are usually standard starting from one year all the way to three-five years if notarized. An early termination is easy. It requires only a one month notice to either the landlord or the tenant. Most landlords are individuals, and standard rental terms and conditions are favorable for a tenant. Landlords usually insist on a right to inspect the property on a regular basis; usually with a notification in advanced. Rent is always denominated in Euros and is usually paid monthly or quarterly. Longer down payments are made to reduce the monthly rent. Rental payment in cash is still very common. However, many landlords accept direct deposit in either Romanian or Euro account. One-month rent security deposit is required by most of the landlords in Romania. However, we recommend ensuring that the rental contract allows you to apply it toward the last month rent as there is no procedure to assess no damages or outstanding bills and guarantee fair security deposit return.

Landlord's Paperwork: The peculiarity of the Romanian real estate legislation is not supported. So, the property ownership right and the right of rental use are completely separate. If you do not own the property, based on the registered Renting Contract you have the right to use it. The length of the flat is considered as temporary registration and it's indicated in the Renting Contract. In that contract, you have to mention a list of persons registered in the apartment, so the local building administration will charge the appropriate surcharges.

Tenant's Paperwork: Standard Rental Contracts documents may include a variety of documents depending on the Romanian legislature districts, and there are six of them for Bucharest. A typical district Renting Contract states the address of the apartment, the tenant's and owner's names, length of the agreement and monthly sum of the flat.
There is no an elaborate system of credit check for tenants or for owners in Romania. Landlords usually ask for originals and copies of an ID such as passport, NIF or Working Visa, and in some cases for a proof of employment along with some references. In Romania, foreign tenants are required to be temporary registered in their residence. One can get registered in Minister of Foreign Affairs, using Landlords notarized consent or your rental contract. When you get registered, it is a bothersome procedure that requires personal presence of both the landlord and the tenant.

Estates renting service charges: In Romania -usually- the estates don't charge for an open house, consulting or translating. It is custom to welcome everyone who show interests in acquiring information about real estate in Romania, ...and yet. Some estates might require a waiver that ensures you are not coming back after an open house. Others might charge you for transportation. Whichever it is, each estate has its own management.
Nearly 99% of the estates it will charge you "one time" flat fee of 50% of your first month rent. So, before you agree for an open house, be sure and ask about their service charges. You might be surprised.